A Story of Chairs and Water Bottles

Clay and I both have your basic run of the mill folding camping chair that you can find for ten bucks in any store during the summer. These chairs, while conveniently portable, are not so hot to sit on for long periods repetitively and we developed camping chair envy pretty quickly. So the search for decent chairs began. Big, small, we tried them all.

Not kidding about the big part. It had six cupholders.

During a trip to REI, we sat in a GCI Outdoor Slim Fold Event Chair they had on display and were surprised at how much we initially liked it as it was lower to the ground than a typical folding chair. So we sat in it for a while and had a chat. Got up, walked around the store a bit, came back, sat, and had another chat. Wash, rinse, and repeat another three or four times until Clay was satisfied. While lower to the ground, the chair had a slight but nice angle to the seat that made the height really comfortable. The big bonus for me was an attached side table, as I was really tired of always having to balance my s’more supplies on the armrest of a camp chair. How am I supposed to make an excellent s’more if the chocolate and graham aren’t all ready to go?

A quick google-fu showed better prices and free shipping on the same chair from Dick’s Sporting Goods and/or Amazon, so the order was made and the old camping chairs were replaced. And they’re awesome.

In our quest to find chairs, we also stumbled upon a great water bottle at Sportsman’s Warehouse. So here’s the thing about me and drinking water – I don’t. I don’t know what the deal is, but I am stupidly picky about my beverages and how I drink them. First, I want them COLD. I prefer drinking out of straws or smaller-mouthed water bottles, as I always manage to spill all over myself like a five year old when drinking out of something wide-mouthed. Also, I want something that has some size to it. I frequently add splashes of juice to my water for flavor, and I am way too lazy to make my splash-juices a million times a day to keep myself hydrated. So when we passed this gigantic water bottle boasting triple insulation with a small-mouthed design, we were intrigued. Me because I was sick of drinking lukewarm water. Clay because my constant state of dehydration drives him nuts.

Anyway, more google-fu in store to read reviews on this water bottle, and we end up going home with the Ecovessel BigFoot water bottle. Cannot say enough great things about this, mostly because it keeps my damn drink cold all day and that’s really all I ever wanted in the first place. And even though it’s 45 oz, it’s not cumbersome to use. And the strainer it comes with, which blocks ice from smashing my mouth every time I take a sip? Prime.

I can’t believe I just wrote a whole post on chairs and water bottles but man, these have both been some pretty spot-on purchases. So here we are. Have I mentioned yet that the water bottles match the chairs!?


(not kidding) 🙂

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