About Us

Hello, and thanks for stopping in!

To begin, we’ve become digital nomads and we want to document our travels and activities as we tour the country by RV.

Our story starts out as you’d expect. We were stuck in the vicious cycle  of grad student life – working, eating, sleeping, and struggling to pay bills. Wash, rinse, repeat. Our escape was camping, and we would jump in the car and take off whenever we got the opportunity, no matter how short that opportunity was. I can recall many 12 hour camping adventures in our past 🙂

When we randomly stumbled upon a Craiglist ad for the perfect Four Wheel Camper for our 2003 Toyota Tundra, the wheels started turning. And when we became employed remotely, the last piece of the puzzle fell into place. In February of 2017, we lost the status of weekend warriors and began a life as full-time RVers. In a truck camper. With approximately 30 square feet of living space.

We loved our rig as it offered us the freedom to go places where other RVs couldn’t. But we built our setup when we were weekend warriors and going off the grid. Now as full-time digital nomads, our situation has reversed and we chase strong cell signals instead. Our rig that we had so meticulously built up for off-grid boondocking wasn’t being used for what we designed it for. We found ourselves hurting for indoor office space, and we struggled with the constant setup and takedown of our camper any time we needed to drive somewhere.

We were in the Arizona desert when we realized we needed to make a change. And after thousands of miles, six weeks, and a lot of wheeling and dealing, we were back on the road again with a new Toyota Tundra and a 2013 Escape 5.0, a 19′ molded fiberglass 5th wheel. We now take up two parking spots instead of one, but the gains of our new setup have been monumental.

We hope you’ll enjoy following along with us as we see what this amazing country has to offer, experience the learning curve of full-time RVing, and find cool things, people, and places along the way.

About Us

Clay is an analytical, thoughtful, and conscientious California native (minus some years spent in Ohio) who loves getting his hands dirty, the mechanics of how things work, and going to places with no cell phone service. Cait is a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Irish Bostonian who is annoyingly proud of her heritage and can eat a pint of raspberries in under 30 seconds. They met in grad school in California.

Lucy is a shelter mutt who loves to pretend like she wants to say hi to you, only to dart away at the last second. Her weaknesses include Cheez-its and a game of throw the stick.