Circling Back to Ohio.

So last I left off in our travels, it was mid-June and we were in Lexington, Kentucky. And I’m typing this right now in mid-August from western North Dakota. Shame Caitlin, shame.

So Father’s Day was fast approaching, and we were only a few hours’ drive from Clay’s dad in Ohio. That was a lucky break that we wanted to take advantage of – timing never works out right with holidays when we’re on the road. So we said goodbye to Kentucky and headed north.

We had spent a lot of time in Kentucky having fun, and work was catching up with us as a result. So we pit stopped in Batavia, Ohio at a state park for a couple of nights to catch up on work before we reached Wapakoneta for Father’s Day.

We’ve found that state parks are a good guaranteed camping experience when finding something on the fly (RV parks, on the other hand…. they’re a risk). This state park, however, was a total bust. It was massive, over 400 spots. But a lot of the other people there were squatter-esque, the bathrooms were disgusting, and the only highlight of the park, the lake, was closed. I was very, very happy to leave that park.

We reached Wapakoneta on Father’s Day weekend. The plans were to enjoy the holiday, see family, and roll out after a couple of days. But as all you readers know, things never go according to plan for us.

In short, we were hit like a freight train with work. I had taken on a few different projects with staggered timelines, but timelines weren’t holding and all of a sudden, I had a slew of projects that were all on a similar timeline. Looking back over my time sheet, I didn’t take a day off for over three weeks. Not only was it horrible, but it prevented us from being able to plan and make our next move. We were very lucky that we were with family at the time so we could hunker down and get through it, but man. That was brutal.

We kept ourselves (and Lucy) sane by taking mid-day and evening walks to a nearby grade school campus, where there were loads of open fields to let Lucy run while we lounged around in the grass.

We also tried to teach Lucy baseball. This video isn’t the greatest but it gives you an idea of our success rate. We’ll keep trying.

We also took some really lovely sunset drives. We were at just the right place and the right time one night for the best firefly show I have ever seen in my life. I took a video but it doesn’t even come close to how spectacular it was, so I’ll leave it to your imagination.

And just like that, June was gone, July rolled in, and I got the brilliant idea to run a 5k for the 4th of July. Here’s the thing – I’m not a runner. I like the concept and I really want to be a runner, but it never happens. But I signed up for the 5k anyway because they’re fun. And I got a t-shirt so that was cool. I won’t tell you what my time was though 🙂 🙂

We also got a few housekeeping things done. Like I realized my water container that so perfectly fits into our fridge was leaking, so I taped it up and hoped Clay wouldn’t notice. He noticed, mostly because it was still leaking. And then he threw it away and this was a major tragedy for me. It’s since been replaced though, so all is right again in the world.

We also got a new memory foam mattress. We bought it off Amazon, it was under $300, and it was the best money we have ever spent. It was also really, really fun in the summer heat wrestling the old mattress out and getting the new one in, as evidenced by my flushed face in our victory photo.

Clay also enjoyed having access to a comfy recliner, which is the #1 thing he misses most from having a home.

When work finally slowed down, we made sure to spend a few days actually enjoying Ohio before moving on. We had a great family celebration at Fort Amanda for what would have been Clay’s grandfather’s 100th birthday.

The only supplies a person could ever need.

We also spent a day at the Ohio Caverns. Ohio Caverns were by far the most beautiful cave formations I’ve ever seen, and the pictures I took do it no justice. Just trust me on this one.

It was a beautiful day to also walk around Dublin and see where Clay spent some of his childhood.

And the giant field of concrete corn sculptures was about at Ohio as we could get.

So even though a couple days in Ohio turned into a month long stay of 95% work, spending great time with family made getting through all that work that much easier.

Speaking of family, our next stop was a family cabin in Michigan. On the road again!

(And for those keeping track, now I am one month behind in our travel blogs instead of two. I’m getting there!)


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