Welcome travelers, Four Wheel Camper enthusiasts, and outdoorsmen alike! We are Cait and Clay, accompanied by our trusty dog Lucy. We’re here to record our adventures, lessons learned, and how the heck we’re pulling this off as we partake on a journey to see the country from our Toyota Tundra and Four Wheel Camper.



We’re graduate students who didn’t want to wait for retirement to be able to travel, and when we found a Craigslist ad for a 2010 Four Wheel Camper for sale in May of 2016, we started putting our pipedreams into action.

TRUCK: 2003 Toyota Tundra with access cab, V6, 4×4, manual transmission



CAMPER: 2010 FWC Eagle Shell Model with the following additions at the time of purchase:

  • Driver’s side sofa
  • Auxillary battery system with 12V accessory outlet
  • Fantastic Fan Roof Vent
  • Screen door
  • Yakima Roof Racks
  • Solar Shower



Thanks for reading and we look forward to your comments!



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